Thank you, everything went very well, Amelia hit it off with Hayley right away and she was sound asleep in bed when we got back from dinner. Hayley was very friendly and a lot of fun to talk to while we were coming and going. We would definitely use her again.

— Jenna

Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, we have come up with a list of questions parents and guardians have asked when booking one of our Mammoth child care providers. Although we have tried to be very thorough here, you may have questions not answered below, in which case we are happy to answer them by e-mail or phone at (530) 386-0765.

We also want you to know, one of our main goals is to allow our clients some stress free time to enjoy themselves on their Mammoth vacation and enjoy the place we all love and care about, so please don't feel over whelmed, we are just trying to be as inclusive as possible, and many of these questions may not apply to you.

Our Childcare Services

What services do you provide?

We provide "at your location" active child care services for infants through school age children for families visiting the Mammoth Lakes region including Mammoth Lakes, Mammoth Mountain, and June Lake. While often referred to as "babysitting" we prefer not to use the term because our "Active Child Care Providers" do not sit, they actively engage with the children in their care.

What ages of children do you take? Do you take infants?

We provide services for infants through school age children. All of our care providers have extensive toddler and school age childcare experience; some also have extensive infant care experience. When you make your babysitter reservation please let us know that you would like someone with infant care experience so that we can find just the right sitter for you!

Where do you provide active care for children? Do you come to our hotel?

We provide services at your location where ever it is around Mammoth Lakes, Mammoth Mountain, or June Lake. Our Active Care Providers come to your hotel, rental or other lodging.

Can you provide services at the ski resort or in the ski lodge?

We recommend that children be cared for where they will be most comfortable which is usually in their own lodging. However, if you are going to be at the ski resort and need extra hands for outdoor play, lunch time or skiing and snowboarding activities our sitters are available. Please be sure to inquire about our on-hill childcare which allows you to get in some skiing while your kids are learning the ropes with one of our trained ski or snowboard guides. We also understand that sometimes infants need to be close to their moms for feedings so please discuss the options when making your reservation.

What areas do you serve?

We have babysitters in Mammoth Lakes and babysitters in June Lake and will travel to other areas as needed.

Do you provide group services for weddings, conferences, parties etc? How many children per care provider?

Yes! We have provided group care at many weddings, conferences and special events over the years. The number of children per child care provider varies depending on the ages of the children, the location and the requested activities. If you would like to discuss how we might best help out at your function, please call Kirsten at (530) 386-0765.

What activities can the sitters do with my kids?

Our care providers come armed with a bag of toys and arts and crafts activities to entertain your children inside, but that does not mean they won't leave the hotel room. Our providers will take kids for walks, snow-play and sledding, adventures in the resort villages, outside for games, inside for movies (only on your request) and many other activities to be found in Mammoth. If you would like a little more adventure for the kids, in the summer we offer Mountain Bike or trail rides with experienced guides and nature walks. In the Winter, we have certified Ski and Snowboard instructors who can provide on-hill childcare with your kids so you can get some skiing in and the kids can improve and have fun on the right level slope for them. Please contact Kirsten at (530) 386-0765 or Kirsten@AllAboutKidsMammoth.com for rate and availability information for special outdoor activities.

Are you a member of any professional organizations?

We are a member of the Mammoth Lakes Chamber of Commerce, in addition to being a preferred childcare provider at several of Mammoth's top resort destinations. If you would like referrals from parents in your area, many of our previous clients have posted reviews of our services in their mother's or parenting group's online discussion forums, on Yelp and on Facebook.

Child Care Providers:

How do you find your Providers?

Most of our staff come from personal referrals, either through friends who have worked for us in the past or through local childcare resources. Others find us online and send emails. No matter how they come to us though, each and every All About Kids Child Care Provider goes through a thorough screening process.

How do you screen your baby sitters?

Sitters go through an initial screening of a resume and phone interview. If they sound like someone who is "our type" and have the right experience (a minimum of three years of childcare work), they go through a face to face interview and references are checked. We require a minimum of five references, three of which have to be childcare related. Finally, they are all required to do a fingerprint background check through the State of California called the Trustline Registry. (For more information about that program visit www.trustline.org)

What type of care providers do you hire?

Applicants move through the screening process because of their energy and enthusiasm for life and spending time with kids. We look for active and outdoorsy people who can share the love of the Mammoth lifestyle with the children of our client families. But above all else, we look for professionals who will be there when they are supposed to, with good work ethic and an appreciation for doing things right. (Which in this job means, making sure the kids have fun, while they are also safe and well cared for.)

What age are the care providers?

Because we look for energetic and outgoing people, our sitters tend to be in their twenties and thirties, although we have a few older sitters who you would never know from being around them they were a day older than 30! Because it is very important to us that your kids are safe, we have a minimum age of 18, although it is the rare exception that we hire someone under 21.

Do you give out references for the individual providers?

Due to the number of different families we serve, we cannot give out reference contact information for our care providers. We are happy to send out written references and email responses from previous All About Kids clients for your sitter, and you can rest assured, that their references have already been checked thoroughly. In certain circumstances, we can arrange for a phone conversation with the care provider in advance of your reservation so you can feel comfortable with them before they arrive. If you are nervous about having a Mammoth area babysitter for the first time, or just having someone new spend time with your child(ren), I recommend you read the testimonials on our site and the bio of your sitter on the Care Providers page.

How do I book an All About Kids sitter that we liked again?

Just send us an e-mail with the name of the sitter you are requesting and the date, time and place you would like to have them again. We always try our best to accommodate requests. Please do not contact the sitter directly.

I have a very active child who needs to be closely supervised. Do you have sitters experienced with challenging or special needs children?

Because our care providers work for a variety of different families, they are very experienced at adapting to different situations and the needs of each family or child. We do have care providers with backgrounds in working with special needs children and those who are better at dealing with difficult situations than others. We have become very good also at placing the right sitters with the right families, so please discuss any special concerns or needs you have so we can find the right match for your family.

Hours of Operation:

What are your business hours?

We typically answer the phone from 10am until 9pm, and earlier and later during busy periods to assist with any problems or last minute reservations. You can always send us an e-mail too!

How early can your care providers start?

Sitters typically start as early as 8am (especially in the winter for ski days), but for special situations, we can arrange for them to be there earlier than that.

How late will your nannies stay?

It is an unusual situation that the sitters stay later than 2am, but if you plan to be out later than that just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

Do you need a firm end time or can we come back later than our scheduled end time?

We try to be as flexible as possible. For evening jobs it is almost never and issue to have a flexible return time, we just ask that you give the sitter a ball park return time when you leave for the evening. For daytime jobs, care providers may need to leave by a certain time in order to get to another engagement or another job. If there are constraints on their time, you will be notified during booking and when the care provider arrives. If you would like to have a flexible end time, please make this request at the time of booking so we can allow for that in our scheduling.

Do you do overnights?

We do not typically do overnights, but please call for a quote and to check availability if you would like to have one of our care providers remain there overnight.

Do you do long term nanny placements?

We do not do placements over one month in length, and we do not have a flat rate for long term placements, so it is usually more cost effective to find your own nanny for those situations.

Rates and Policies

What are your rates?

Our rates for the upcoming season are listed on our Mammoth Babysitting Rates page. If you can't find what you need there or are confused about what the rate would be for your specific needs, please call and we would be happy to go over them with you.

What is your hourly minimum?

We have a five hour minimum during the day (jobs starting before 3pm) and a four hour minimum for evening jobs.

How many kids can one care provider handle?

We strive for a four to one maximum ratio, although depending on the ages of the children that will increase or decrease. If there are several children still in diapers who require more attention, we may require a two or three to one maximum ratio. If most or all of the children are 4 or older, we can increase the limit to five or six kids per sitter. Give us a call if you would like to make a reservation for a group of kids and we can work out together what the best number of care providers for the situation will be.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes. Because we often turn clients away and our services are in high demand, we do have a cancellation policy. For more information please visit our Rates and Policies page.

What if my child is sick?

For the health and well being of your child and our care providers, please do not leave sick children with our sitters. Unfortunately even if this is the cause for your cancellation, we still have to enforce the cancellation policy.

Bookings and Reservations:

Can we have the same sitter for multiple days?

Yes, we always try our best to have the same care provider for a family using multiple days/times of care. However, we do recommend STRONGLY that you call as far in advance as possible in order to assure that we can reserve the same person for you.

How far in advance do I need to book?

We recommend as much advance notice as possible, but we are happy to try to accommodate last minute reservations. We do completely book up during busy periods, so if you know you are going to be here during a holiday week or weekend, please include us in your early booking process (especially if you want multiple dates/times with the same sitter). We do not do same day bookings for daytime reservations (we need to know at least the night before to have a provider in the morning) but we can usually find someone same-day for evening jobs.

Do you do last minute bookings?

We can do last minute reservations, but it is obviously dependent on availability and being able to arrange something for you last minute. We do next day reservations for daytime bookings and same-day reservations for evening bookings. We can not offer same-day reservations for daytime bookings. Again, we HIGHLY recommend calling in advance, but we know sometimes last minute changes happen, so we are happy to give it a go!

How do I make a reservation?

The easiest way to make a reservation is to fill out the Mammoth Babysitter Reservation Request form on our website, that way we have all the information we need to get started, and will contact you shortly to confirm everything. For last minute reservations it is best to fill out the form AND call (530) 386-0765 to let us know. If you would like to ask any additional questions before you make your reservation, please send us an e-mail at info@AllAboutKidsMammoth.com or call (530) 386-0765. Once we have received your request, we will find a sitter for you and call to finalize the reservation. At that point, we will need a Visa or MasterCard number with expiration date, secret code and billing address to hold your reservation. We will send you an email confirmation with the name of your child care provider, and a confirmation of date, time and location.

How do I contact my care provider?

Each care provider is given the client's contact information and will be in touch with you at least 12 hrs prior to the reservation to confirm time, directions etc. If you need to reach anyone before or after you hear from them, please call (530) 386-0765.

Where do I meet my children's care provider?

In hotel situations, we work closely with concierge staff so that our care providers can come directly to your hotel room. If you would like to meet them elsewhere, please specify that when they check in with you the day before your reservation or call (530) 386-0765 or email Kirsten@AllAboutKidsMammoth.com.

How do I make changes to my reservation?

It is not always possible to honor last minute changes to a reservation, but we do our best to accommodate the changing needs of our clients. Please e-mail or call Kirsten at (530) 386-0765 to make any changes to your reservation.

On the Job:

What contact information should I leave for the care provider?

Before you leave your children with one of our care providers, you will be asked to sign a medical and liability release form which has places for you to include medical information about the child and emergency contact information for you. You will also be asked to provide emergency contact information for another friend or relative in case you can not be reached.

How can I reach the sitter while they are with my children?

If the sitter has reliable reception at the location, they will provide their mobile phone number before you leave. Our Mammoth area care providers and June Lake care providers are also instructed to answer calls at your residence or hotel (unless you tell them specifically not to) so you can reach them that way as well. If you know ahead of time that you would like to call and check in with the sitter, it is helpful to let them know so they can expect your call.

How are your care providers prepared to respond to an emergency?

All of our staff are trained in All About Kids' policies in how to handle emergencies. They will have you sign a release form allowing them to seek medical treatment for your child should that be necessary which contains emergency contact information for you and someone else should you not be reachable. Although we are prepared to deal with these situations should they arise, in nine years of business we have never had a child seriously injured or hurt or had a sitter have to deal with an emergency situation. This is a tribute to the training, experience and professionalism of our sitters, and we take as many precautions as possible to continue this record.

Can your care providers take my kids swimming?

We do allow the sitters to take kids to the pools, but only under previously agreed upon conditions. Please make sure to mention you would like this as a possibility when you book your sitter.

Can an AAK care provider drive my kids to an activity or to meet us at the resort?

Sorry, we do not allow our providers to drive with the children in their car or yours. Many of the resort areas offer shuttles, and they can take the kids on the shuttles if you would like.

Can an AAK care provider take the children off the property on a hike or some other adventure?

Sitters can take kids off property, however only to previously agreed upon destinations, and not riding in a personal vehicle with the provider. We do offer many specially designed outdoor activities for children with specially trained kid friendly guides. If you would like to book one of our adventure guides for an outdoor activity for your children, please call (530) 386-0765 to discuss the options.

Billing and Payment

How do I pay?

We do not accept cash (except as a gratuity for the sitter). When you make your reservation, we will take a Visa or MasterCard number from you. We will not bill anything on the card until after we confirm the number of hours from the care provider, and then will bill the total amount on your card. We will also send you a detailed PDF statement of the charges for your records. If you have any questions, please let us know!

What amount will be charged on my card and how will it be listed?

You will be billed for the hourly rate times the number of hours you used (or the hourly minimum if you did not meet the minimum requirement.) You will receive a detailed PDF statement by e-mail explaining the charges before the charges go through on you card. The payee will be listed as All About Kids.

Is my credit card information safe?

Yes. Your credit card information is stored in password protected software and processed using the highest standards of encryption. After the card is entered into our system, it is stored there, but only the last four digits remain visible. We retain your billing information in our system as a convenience to you as many of our clients are frequent users of our services. If you do not plan on using our services again or prefer that your information be removed after your payment is processed, please let us know and we would be happy to remove your credit card information from our files.

Should I tip the sitter?

If you were happy with their performance, it is customary to tip the care provider. If you would like to do so, we ask that you do it in cash directly to the individual care provider. The amount varies on number of children, number of hours, and of course how great a job they did, but anywhere from $5-$10 (for a quick easy job) up to $40 for a long day with lots of kids. Please remember, this is JUST a guideline, and we expect AAK providers to work hard and exceed expectations in order to earn tips.

What do I do if the amount charged seems incorrect?

We do everything we can to make sure each billing is done correctly, but sometimes misunderstandings occur. We want to make sure you are charged the correct amount. If you have any questions about your bill, please send us an e-mail or give us a call at (530) 386-0765 so we can resolve any discrepancies.